At Proofers, our professional proofreading services cater for any type of written content including business and academic documents.

Since our inception, thousands of documents have been entrusted to us for proofreading, amending and editing. We ensure that your document is well-presented and free from grammatical, syntactical, punctuation and spelling errors, thereby ensuring that your ideas are perfectly expressed in a manner befitting the hard work that has gone into presenting them. We know how important your work is to you and how it is a reflection of you; we focus all our efforts on presenting you and your ideas in the best possible light.

Academic & Business Proofreading Services

At Proofers, our team members specialise in different areas to deliver our professional proofreading services. Each member of the team holds at least a Master’s degree and has, as a minimum, at least 5 years’ experience of professional proofreading. Our business proofreading and editing team members also have previous experience of proofreading and editing material in the business sector.

Academic proofreading services
Since all of our team members have academic experience, we ensure that your essays, dissertations and theses will gain accreditation at the highest possible level. As part of our service, you will receive an academic editing review which will provide suggestions and ideas on how to improve your work by making changes to the tone, language, voice, vocabulary and structure of your written work.

Business proofreading services
Our commercial proofreading and editing team members also have experience of editing a wide range of business materials. They can prepare any type of document in the style you require while maintaining complete confidentiality regarding the document’s content

Academic & Business Proofreading Services