Proofers offer a wide variety of services to meet your individual needs. We offer four core services which include proofreading, copy-editing, document formatting and plagiarism checking.

We offer an incredibly competitive, comprehensive service, delivered within a tight time-scale and at a fantastic price. Our team of professional proofreaders are active 24/7 correcting your written English and making sure your work is presented clearly and concisely.

Services we have to offer

Below, you will find a summary of our key services.

Professional Proofreading

Our Proofreaders correct grammatical errors that you may have overlooked including punctuation, verb tense, spelling, and sentence structure. Our professional proofreading services will make your document ‘Easy to Read’, ‘Easy to Understand’, ‘More Accurate’ and ‘More Polished’.

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Our Editors will enhance the clarity of your English and re-write your text where necessary. We will help ensure, your argument is completely clear. In addition, we will improve the choice of vocabulary and adjust the tone of voice to match the requirements of your audience.

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Our Editors will create an attractive document which includes dynamic page numbering, dynamic table of references (Contents Page, List of Figures, List of tables) and consistent text, headings, graphics etc..

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If you are uncomfortable about the quality of your work or if you are worried that your wording is too close to the original source text to avoid accusations of unintended plagiarism, Proofers will re-write all the significant sentences in your document.

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Proofers carry out a final check for plagiarism to ensure that your writing is original and correctly cited before returning your work to you for submission. We have partnered with one of industries leading plagiarism report providers to check the originality of your work.

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Quality Service At An Affordable Price

Starting at: £6.99 per 1000 words & Full money back guarantee!