In fact, nearly all professional sectors don’t choose to have their documents professionally proofread prior to publication due to a mistaken reliance on spelling and grammar checks in word processing programmes.

While these are undoubtedly useful and pick up many basic grammatical, syntactical, punctuation and spelling errors, word processing programmes rarely pick up on the nuances of language. Proofers’s professional proofreading services can help.

Our professional proofreading services ensure that your document communicate precisely what you intended to write.

Why are proofreading services necessary?

In order to look professional in your field, it is imperative that your work also looks professional. Mistakes just will not do. Our proofreading services correct the following:

  • Homophones – These are words that sound the same but are spelt differently, for example, ‘where’ and ‘wear’. By way of example, a computer will overlook the error in the following sentence: ‘The graphs show wear we have been most productive’. Our professional proofreaders will not.

  • Grammatical errors – Word processing programmes are limited in their ability to pick up grammatical errors, particularly in complex sentences. Or sometimes, the highlighted mistakes are so slight and small that they are incredibly hard to notice.

  • Checking errors – Sometimes a word processing programme may highlight a certain word as incorrect when, in fact, it is not. Our proofreaders know this and will confidently reject the advice of the word processor in favour of the correct word, where appropriate.

  • Language and tone – As a business you want to give the right impression. The written language of your documents has to echo the image you wish to portray. Our proofreaders understand this and will amend your document to give it flow, emphasis where needed, and the correct image for your business.

Quality Service At An Affordable Price

Starting at: £6.99 per 100 words & Full money back guarantee!

So why choose us?

Our proofreading services will improve your business documents and, in turn, help to improve your business. By contracting our proofreading services on a continual basis, you will be able to:

  • Improve your business documents – If all your business documents have been professionally proofread, they will make perfect sense. The reader’s attention will be focused on the areas of importance and there will be less ambiguity. This leads to less hassle for you long term since you do not have to clarify your message for clients.
  • Appear more professional – If your business documents use correct jargon in the correct context, it gives your whole business a professional, confident demeanour and the impression that your business is committed to quality. This, in turn, will attract a high calibre of client, thus improving your business.
  • Improve business – By completing your work to a quality standard and by attracting a higher calibre of client, you will be able to raise your prices to reflect your hard work, effort and excellent service.
  • Increase your turnover – Long term, the professionalism conveyed by carefully proofread documents will increase your turnover and generate more money, thereby benefiting your business as a whole.
Proofreading Services for Businesses