We provide proofreadingcopy editing and rewriting services conveniently and efficiently via the internet.

Spot mistakes before it’s too late
In any professional capacity, printing or even sending documents without having them proofread can prove embarrassing and expensive. Have your documents professionally proofread by Proofers. Our team of editors will detect and correct all of your grammatical, syntactical, punctuation and spelling errors. We guarantee the finished result will be greatly improved.

Proofreading Services
The Proofers’s proofreading team provides professional proofreading services in every professional area from law to medicine. Our objective is to enable your work to be published by refining it into a flowing document, free from grammatical, syntactical, punctuation and spelling errors.

Why invest in proofreading services?

Many people regard professional proofreading and editing as unimportant. However, the English language is such that words and phrases can have different meanings in different contexts. To a non-native speaker, this can be confusing. Sophisticated review facilities offered by word processing software rarely pick up on the nuances of language. Spelling and grammar checkers do not always detect grammatical and spelling errors and frequently suggest an incorrect replacement. In many cases, this changes the entire meaning of a sentence. Homophones such as ‘where’ and ‘wear’ are easily overlooked.

Academic writing must be clear of Americanisms, such as the use of the letter ‘z’ instead of ‘s’ in many words like ‘authorize’ and ‘authorise’. Academic writing must also be formatted, paragraphed and spaced in a certain manner. Failure to do this can make a thesis seem amateur and may cause you to lose out on valuable marks. Having work proofread by friends and family may be a partial solution but it rarely leads to the polished precision that a professional editor will give to your work.

In a professional capacity, accuracy in spelling, grammar and the structure of your sentences can help to build up your company’s image. You can avoid embarrassing and costly mistakes. The format, the sentence structure and the written language of your company’s documents will help you to communicate your services to customers succinctly and professionally.

Academic theses and articles must maintain a tight structure throughout and precision in their presentation for maximum impact and accessibility. Students approach Proofers for help in achieving the grade that they know they are capable of, requesting assistance to ensure that their document complies with university instructions in addition to using excellent English. Our proofreading services take this into account and carefully proofread and edit documents, so you can achieve the best.

At Proofers, our proofreading team is pedantic about the correct use of grammar, syntax, punctuation, spelling and the format of documents. Professional proofreading and editing of your material is what sets your writing apart.