Proofers specialises in providing professional document editing and proofreading services. We will check everything from essays and dissertations to business plans, CVs and personal statements. We can edit all professional documents – and even letters and novels.

A focus on detail is the key to our service and we will complete a thorough review of your writing to correct errors in spelling, punctuation, grammar and syntax. If you need a first-class review and improvement of your writing at a competitive price, we can help.

What's included

Our proofreading service consists of the following

  • Correcting all spelling mistakes – Ensuring that the spelling is perfect. We can adopt US or UK English, depending on client requirements.

  • Correcting punctuation – Ensuring that all punctuation is used appropriately and inserted where necessary.

  • Correcting all grammatical errors – Ensuring that your writing is grammatically correct.

  • Checking references and citations – Ensuring that the references and citations comply with the required university style guidelines.

  • Highlighting all edits – Using Track Changes so that all alterations are indicated in colour, allowing you to review the edits easily.

  • Providing feedback with the corrections – Providing detailed feedback and recommendations to supplement the corrections.

Quality Service At An Affordable Price

Starting at: £6.99 per 100 words & Full money back guarantee!

How We Proofread

Your document is edited using the Track Changes feature in Microsoft Word ®. This allows you to view corrections easily and accept or reject any or all recommended changes. Any comments or suggestions with regard to clarity, meaning or usage are noted in the right-hand margin for your consideration.

You will be sent two different electronic versions of your document via e-mail.
In addition you will be sent a separate ‘comments’ document which will contain recommendations and feedback from our editor. The documents returned to you will be as follows:

  • Edited Version – This will be a clean copy of your document containing all the changes implemented and will be ready to submit or publish.
  • Corrected Version – This version will include all the changes made by the editor using the Track Changes function in Microsoft Word ®. This feature clearly identifies any errors and suggested corrections.
  • Comments – Our editor will provide comments/recommendations based on the proofreading.
Professional Proofreading

Formats We Can Proofread

Proofers can correct written documents in most formats, including:

  • Microsoft Word®
  • Excel
  • Powerpoint
  • Portable Document Files
  • Rich Text Files