Our Proofreading and Editing Fees

Quality Service at an affordable price!

Thousands of students and professionals have used our proofreading and editorial services with satisfaction since the launch of Proofers over 10 years ago. Our years of experience and highly qualified proofreaders and copy editors guarantee you a service of an exceptional quality.

The cost of proofreading or copy editing your document is based on its word count and your preferred turnaround time. Please use our pricing calculator to work out the cost of our service to you.


We will ensure that your text is free of spelling errors, grammatical errors, incorrect punctuation, incorrect sentence structure(s)…

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Copy Editing

This service includes Proofreading PLUS enhancing the clarity of your text, ensuring the use of good quality English, checking for appropriate use of vocabulary…

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We will create dynamic contents tables, format all your text, ensure all text is consistently formatted, fix page numbering and much more…

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We will write all the significant sentences in your document. Focus will be placed on retaining the original meaning and ensuring none of the sense is lost...

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Plagiarism Checking

Check for plagiarism to ensure your writing is original and correctly cited...

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Our Pricing Calculator

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    Note: Minimum Spend £12.00

TIP! In Microsoft Word, the word count is at the bottom left corner of the screen. It will give you a total word count of the entire
document or, if a section of the document is highlighted, it will tell you how many words are highlighted.