Though overlooked and often disregarded, proofreading is incredibly important. Even if you are not passionate about the English language, while reading an advertisement, article or a report with errors it can sometimes become irritating to read or complex to understand. You will find it difficult to take the writer or company seriously. If the advertisement is being used in a big campaign to attract potential customers, poor English causes problems and a big waste of money.

As a company, it is also important to ensure that your emails, standard letters, as well as your promotional material is free from error and depicts your company in the professional manner that it should. By utilising our services to proofread all of your documents and distribution material, we can ensure that your professional demeanour is upheld.

Why use a proofreading service?

You may feel reluctant to use a proofreading service and might want to use an automated spell checker and do it yourself. However, automatic spell checkers are not always correct.

The English language is vast and different words have different meanings in various contexts. Spell checkers cannot pick up on these mistakes; in fact, often spell checkers cause these mistakes by proffering incorrect replacements for words that do not need replacing, changing the entire meaning of the sentence.

Also, when you read your work in order to check it, you will not find all of the errors in it as you already know what is written and will skim over the words. In order to correct mistakes and professionally finish your document, you need a trained expert who is able to read your piece objectively, correct your grammar and spelling and make your use of language suitable for its purpose.

Our professional proofreading services can help to make your documents easier to read and more effective.

What do we do?

At Proofers, our proofreading services do not only proofread your document for spelling and grammatical errors. They also make your text more effective. In the case of an advertisement, persuasive writing, correct spelling, punctuation and appropriate jargon create an effective advertising piece. In a report or essay, professional proofreaders will create a flowing, clear piece of text that is easy to read and understand. In addition to this, our proofreading services will help your business avoid any potential mishaps and will improve your public image.

Affordable Proofreading Services