Although the terms proofreading and editing are often used interchangeably, they do not refer to the same process. Editing refers to the ongoing review and alteration of a document, article, dissertation or thesis for sense, clarity and overall flow.

It may involve significant restructuring of sentences or paragraphs. Proofreading, on the other hand, takes place after editing and involves a detailed critical appraisal of the document to pick up on errors in grammar, punctuation, syntax and spelling. It is usually completed by ‘a fresh pair of eyes’ – someone who is not the writer.

Professional Proofreading and Editing Services

An experienced proofreader will read a document, paying attention to every detail to ensure that all grammatical errors have been corrected and syntactical improvements have been made. Proofreading involves far more than a final skim of a document prior to publication. It is an essential part of the publication/submission process.

Written English is very different to spoken English. As a student, you will be expected to submit essays in formal, written English. The difference between the two is distinct. While native speakers find the differences difficult, non-native speakers tend to find them extremely complex. If English is not your first language, you may be struggling with spoken dialects and idioms. Therefore, it is a sensible idea to utilise a professional proofreading service to help you avoid mistakes when writing English texts.

At Proofers, our team of dedicated editors is passionate about the English language. We want your essays to demonstrate your ideas and reflect your skills. We will make sure your writing is precise, clear and concise. Our proofreading services cater for all levels of study and all fields of education. We will help you to produce an unblemished, perfect document that is guaranteed to get you the grade you are capable of and deserve.

Our Services

At Proofers, we offer a range of editing and proofreading services. Our experienced proofreading team is made up of native speakers who will proofread your document to the highest possible standard. We concentrate on spelling, grammar, punctuation and syntax, ensuring that the tone and the voice in your document are correct. We can also edit your work if additional input is needed to polish your ideas and presentation.

Our proofreading and editing services are carried out using Track Changes in Microsoft Word ®. This system of correction allows you final say about which amendments you accept and which you reject.

Proofreading vs Editing