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16 Jul

Proofreading Gaffes are Humourous but Deadly

Proofreading mistakes have embarrassed writers past and present. But they will always remain a source of humour for all of us. If only they has used a proofreading service!

Lawful Sinning
Cheating partners were reassured by the 1632 edition of the King James Bible that they had holy backing for their illicit sinning. With a missing word, the seventh commandment read “Thou shalt commit adultery, instead of “Thou shalt not commit adultery”. Shortly afterwards, the church ordered the destruction of all the adultery-endorsing bibles.

Unintentional bargain
For a short while in 2002, you could buy an Aiwa Hi-Fi for only £8.43, instead of £89.00 from Comet. What a whooping bargain! Undoubtedly, Comet lost a huge chunk of its profit after lucky buyers took advantage of this seemingly minor error

Racist Cannibals?
“Salt and freshly ground black people”. No exaggeration! This was written in a popular cookbook for pasta recipes published by Penguin Group in Australia. It cost the publishing company a painful $18,500 to republish the cookbook.

Not only can misspellings, grammatical errors and missing words tarnish your reputation, they also cost you thousands, if you are a company.

Humans, by nature, make mistakes and errors. So it is very important that the services of a proofreading company are used to complete your book, business proposal, essay etc. to perfection.