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17 Feb

Consistency – Why does it Matter?


The simple answer is that it matters because inconsistency can detract and distract readers from the clarity and meaning of your work.

Consistency applies on different levels. Firstly, if your subject uses conventions in terms of presentation it is important to follow them – otherwise it’s like turning up to a job interview in jeans and a t-shirt when the interviewers are all wearing suits and the interview guidelines included a note to wear smart clothing. If your subject requires you to use the IEEE referencing system and you present the sources using Harvard then you have excluded your work from serious consideration.

If you’ve followed the formal guidelines but some of your sub-headings are capitalised throughout and some only use a capital letter for the first word, or if you are using UK spellings for words such as ‘analyse’ and your computer sometimes autocorrects to ‘analyze’, your work can appear sloppy. Academic writing prides itself on precision and care. If you turn up to that interview wearing odd socks or with your shirt hanging out, it may not preclude you from getting the job but it will certainly affect those all-important first impressions.


If your work is worth putting into writing then it is worth that little extra time to ensure that it is neat, consistent and ready to make an excellent first impression. Proofreading services can help here. Most of us find it extremely difficult to look critically at our own work – to notice mistakes in a document we are very familiar with. A proofreader is trained to look out for common mistakes and inconsistencies and will look at your work with fresh eyes.

If you need your document proofreading, we here at Proofers can help! For more information visit today!